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Patricia Cohen

Accelerated Reading Program

Students are required to read one book a month identified as being in their tested reading range. Accelerated Reader has short tests on books that assess the reader's comprehension of the book they have read. The score they earn on that test will be their grade for independent reading for the month. (Students may read as many books as they like in one month, this will increase the possibility of a high grade.) Their teacher approved AR book must be in class everyday.

What does "m" mean in the gradebook?

If an "m" appears as a mark for any assignment in school loop for you it means "missing". That means you have no score to record. Either you were absent and did not make it up or you failed to include your heading on an assignment. If you are absent you have one day per day you were out to make up the assignment. It is the responsibility  of the student to arrange a time, within the makeup window to complete the assignment or receive a 0. An 'm" averages into the grade book with a value of 0%.