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Arron Cush

Content:  This is a course of Algebra I that will follow the California State Standards and Framework as well as the Scope and Sequence of the O.U.S.D.

Grades:  Scholarship grades will be determined by the following:  70% - Tests, 20% - Quizzes, 10% Homework.

Effort grades will be based on scholarchip, homework completion and anecdotal information.

Citizenship grades will be determined by a demerit system based on tardies, adherance to school rules, and misbehaviors with regular and guest teachers.

Discipline:  Anything that keeps the students from learning as best they can, or that keeps the teacher from teaching as best he can, is unacceptable.  Every effort will be made to help students understand the inappropriateness and the consequences of misbehavior.  Emphasis will be placed on working first with the student, then with the student and parents, before involving the school administration.

Parent Assistance:  Although homework scores only account for 10% of a student's grade, it is essential that students complete assigned homework every night!  Assignments are posted in class each day.  Please moniter assignments through student planners, Homework Hotline (760 - 757 0 8501 ext. 4714), and this site to insure that students keep up with their daily homework.

Extra Help:  Students may get extra help (tutoring) at the beginning of their lunch period from Mr. Cush on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, in room M-4.  Students may also make appointments for extra help before or after school. 

Homework Make-Up:  Students will be assigned to lunchtime study hall when homework has not been completed and submitted on time.  After attending study hall, students may see the teacher for credit on late work once the assignment has been completed.

Low Homework Scores:  Students may receive credit for items missed on homework assignments by showing the properly corrected problems to the teacher outside of class.

Test/Quiz Make-Up:  After sufficient review, students may retake any test or quiz in order to earn a maximum grade of 80%,  Students should ee Mr. Cush at lunch for details on steeing up for retesting.