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Daily Bulletin


Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

King’s Vision Statement: 

Students, Staff, and Parents of King Middle School are dedicated to relevant and collaborative learning at the highest scholarly level ensuring ethics, innovation, and global citizenship.

Introduction and Pledge: 

Choose Love Movement

Message:  Just because you haven’t found your talent doesn't mean you don’t have one. 

Attention Lions! The deadline for The Girl Tech Conference at Mira Costa College has been extended to Friday, October 18th. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about STEM and participate in some amazing activities. 

Spirit day this Friday is Disney Day!  Come dressed as your favorite character 

BSU will meet today in K-1.  Grab your lunch and stop by to watch The Children's March video about the contribution that children made during the Civil Rights Movement.  All are welcome to attend.