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Daily Bulletin

Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School


Thursday, April 25, 2019

King’s Vision Statement:

Students, Staff, and Parents of King Middle School are dedicated to relevant and collaborative learning at the highest scholarly level ensuring ethics, innovation, and global citizenship.

Introduction and Pledge:

Please remember that there is NO FOOD in the back at any time. 

Calling all chess players and wanna be chess players! The chess club meets every Thursday during both lunches in room G-8, That's right! Thursday - Lunch - Room G-8 come play chess just once, or every week! See you Thursdays.

"Attention Lions:  Yearbooks are still available for pre-order through the Student Store.  The cost is $45. 

Polynesian Club meets every Thursday at lunch in room C-11.

Voting for ASB Continues today in room E-2 at lunch.  An ID card is required to vote.  Voting will end on Thursday.

BSU will meet today after school in K-1. BSU members, if you plan to attend the field trip to the California African American Museum, permission slips and money must be turned in to the Student Store by Friday.

All ASB candidates need to make sure that their campaign posters are down and all the tape is removed by the end of lunch TODAY