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February 15, 2019


Today we talked a bit about foil characters, read chapter 13, and worked on Storyboards. Here's what's due and when.


Paragraphs were due today

Storyboards Due Tuesday

Book Plugs Due Wednesday. Have a great break and stay safe.






February 14, 2019

Today we reviewed Emmett Till notes, looked at some Concluding Statement tips, finished the final draft of our Boo paragraphs and worked on storyboards. We'll critique these a bit more tomorrow and the paragraphs are due at the end of class (storyboards and bookplugs due after break).


February 13, 2019


Today we learned about Emmett Till. Here is the article we read. There are some questions at the bottom that need to be in your notebook. I'll stamp these on Friday (not tomorrow because we were going to Wildcat Camp at El Camino but this is cancelled. Tomorrow will be a catch up day in class and we can work on our storyboards.


February 12, 2019

Wow, I forgot to post this yesterday, for those of you who said that it wasn't on the website, you were right. Sorry about that. If forgot who told me but it was in 2nd period. AND I forgot to publish on, so my bad. It's been a very busy week.

We talked about our Graphic Organizer. Here are the notes that were up on the screen.

We read chapter 12, went over some new vocabulary. 6 2-line QPECs are due on the 13th (tomorrow) for a stamp.



February 11, 2019



Today we reviewed our graphic organizers and looked at some storyboards. If you are in 7th or 8th, I'm going to give you some catch up time since we didn't have computers that day (Friday). We also read in TKAM to different parts, but if you want to be prepared for tomorrow, I would read all of chapter 12 and write QPECs (3x2).





February 7, 2019


Today we finished part I and started our graphic organizers on Who is the Mockingbird on google classroom. Please work on these tomorrow. We may have a quick DMV style quiz tomorrow on vocab and if we finish early we can storyboardthat. Should be fun.



February 6, 2019

Today we talked about the symbolism of TKAM and what a 'mockingbird could represent. We also read Chapter 11 up to the word Viscous.


February 5, 2019

It was nice to see so many parents today. I wish I had had a bit more time. At any rate, we read chapter 10 which is the best chapter in the book. Please have 3 qpecs by tomorrow.


February 4, 2019

Today we finished chapter 9 and talked about the emerging conflict in TKAM: Atticus has to defend Tom Robinson who is accused of something and the Ewells are involved. Be sure to give me three QPECs tonight. Hope to see parents tomorrow :D



February 1, 2019


Today we reviewed our hooks from yesterday and qpecs. Ch. 9. We read chapter 9 until page 106 or page 82 of the pdf "Finch's landing consisted of 366 steps..."

3 qpecs due Monday.

January 31, 2019

Today we took some notes on Introductory paragraphs, specifically the role of a hook and a Thesis statement. We also looked at some good hooks and some bad ones. For example: 

Bad Hook: Do you like pennies? (this is a question, and it's in second person).

Good Hook: Abraham Lincoln is crawling with disease (it's not actually true unless you're talking about the Abraham Lincoln on the penny, but still it's somewhat funny.


Bad Hook: Texting a walking is dangerous (bad because you explain that in your thesis)

Good hook: The iPhone XI probably won't come with an airbag (it's a true but weird statement and you can easily explain this to explain the importance of texting and walking safety. 





January 30, 2019

Today we read chapter 8 and looked at some great Maps. I will post those on the website and in the classroom as soon as I can.



January 29, 2019


Today we worked on our maps. The goal for tomorrow is to have 10 landmarks pointed out on the map along with the quotes and page numbers. The map doesn't have to be perfect, but you should have the information written down somewhere. By Friday, the maps should be finished.



January 28, 2019


Today we read chapter 7 and looked at maps. Qpecs due tomorrow.


January 25, 2019 


Today we took a stamp quiz and a vocab quiz and read chapter 6. Grades are updated. No homework, have a nice weekend.




January 23, 2019



Today we read chapter 4 of TKAM and reviewed some characters and looked at the QPECs. Please QPEC ch. 4 (3x3 lines) and study for quiz on Friday (Characters and Vocabulary words with a '*').


January 22, 2019

Today we (in 2,3,7,8) watched a snippet of Barack Obama's final speech as president where he mentioned Atticus Finch. We also reviewed Ch. 1-2 TDQs and looked at some examples of thesis statements.

I updated grades over the weekend so please check those out. 

No late work this year, so please focus on getting assignments in on time.



January 18, 2019 (no slide show due to my absence)

Today I had to be out of school because Benno had another case of strep throat. Thankfully, he's okay and sorry for being out.

Hopefully you guys were able to finish the TDQs from Ch. 1 and 2. The crossword puzzle was just a review, but if anyone turned them in completed, I'll give some bonus points.

Regarding the bonus points, I have been trying to put them into Aeries but because there are so few assignments, it turns scores into 230%. So I'm dealing with that right now. I might have to wait until a few assignments are in before I put those into Aeries, but I am definitely giving bonus points for those assignments. 

Have a nice weekend and if you weren't here on Friday, please finish reading chapter 2. Here are the TDQs




January 17, 2019


Today we looked at an article on zoos and tried to organize the Concrete Details into a graphic organizer. Homework is to write a thesis statement. We also read up to the the Walter Cunningham part of Ch. 2 (it was different in different classes, but if you get to the part where the farm kids pull out their lunch buckets, you should be ready for tomorrows reading.

January 16, 2019


Today we went to the library, learned about the main genre and subgenre of To Kill a Mockingbird (Southern Gothic Bildungsroman) and finished chapter 1. The book and book on tape are linked on this website if you need to read or reread. I'd ask you not read ahead and if you do, don't reveal the plot points. 

We also looked at the houses on the block that some of you turned in. I'll try to get both those and the stock info into Aeries today. We also started planning our To Kill a Mockingbird party which is not a real party. But there's a lot of food involved and knowing about the food helps you understand to plot a bit better.



January 15, 2018


Today we wrote about weird houses in our neighborhood and started To Kill a Mockingbird. Please have stock assignment on google classroom. The picture of a house is a bonus, but the write up is due tomorrow for a stamp or stamps.


January 14, 2019


Today we were talked about the new late work policy and reviewed the rules. 

We also went over the causes of the Great Depression and took some basic notes on the timeline of To Kill a Mockingbird which we will start tomorrow (hopefully).


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