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Name Subject Email
Steven Aldridge Digital Experience
Thithi Anderson Math 8
David Barry Math 7
Cary Booth History 6
May Bramble Sped SH
George Bridgewater Chorus
John Brohamer History 8
David Chrisman History 8
Patty Cohen Language Arts 7
Danielle Cook Band/Orchestra
Irene Diggs Language Arts/Avid
Farzin Dunnning Math 8/ 2.0 Support
Lita Esposito Science 7
Laura Estrada Language Arts 7
Mike Fisher Science 8/ASB
Lisa Fisher Dance PE
Kerry Fore Language Arts 6
Morgan Fritz Language Arts 6
Sherri Furqueron History 7/Drama
Cindy Gisbert Sped- Language Arts 8
Robert Ho Science 7
Frank Horning PE
Lindsey Howe Sped 6- Math
Rhonda Humphries Language Arts 8
Jennifer Jensen Science 8
Sheri Kearney Language Arts 8
Tom Kimbrel PE
Marian Kissinger PE
Ryan Leighton Sped- Math 7
Colin Leighton Math 6
Erik Mateljan Math 6
Shelley McKenney PE
Kathryn Metz Sped Mod/Sev
Angie Miller History 7
Carrie Myers Career Lab/Yearbook
Karel Padigos Sped- Language Arts 6
Robert Pokletar Sped- Language Arts 7
Aristeo Lara Language Arts 6
Holly Regan Language Arts 8
Cynthia Rey Sped- Math 8
Patti Richards Avid/Language Arts 8
Jacqui Riley Language Arts 7
Charney Wilson Language Arts 6
Kristy Rockdale Math 7
Vonda Rogers Science 6
Erin Ruiz Language Arts 7
Emily Shaddy History 6
Christine Simmons ELD
Bailey Steinhardt Language Arts 6
Jonathan Stone Science 7/ Peer Leadership
Renee Thomas Math 8
Jennifer Thompson Language Arts 8
Scott Wagner PE
Jeanette Zappia Science 6
Julio Zuniga Spanish 8


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