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Questions about the library or checking out books? E-mail the Library Media Tech at:

Library Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00am-2:30pm  available by phone (760) 901-8808

Note: the library catalog is available 24/7. Holds are filled during the hours listed above.

Destiny Catalog

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Links to other Libraries

All OUSD students can check out eBooks from the Oceanside Public Library. There are two links below with instructions for how to use the OPL ebook sources. Your library card number is your student ID. Both branches of the OPL are open for "Grab and Go" service Monday thru Friday.


This week, more instructions will be given about library book and textbook returns in your ELA class.

The last day to check out library books is this Friday, May 21.

Get ready for summer reading! Even though you can't check out books on campus during the summer, you can still find lots of books to read from the King Library. Check out the MackinVia app on your Rapid Identity portal. You can check out eBooks and audiobooks and keep on reading!

do you know what you have checked out?

As we head toward the close of the school year, please check your record in Destiny to see what you have checked out from the library. You will be returning textbooks with your ELA class. Your teacher will let you know when to bring everything in.

Not sure how to see what you have checked out in Destiny? Check out the What do I have checked out? instruction video below.

library tour

Mural on exterior wall of Library Learning Commons

King Learning Commons

The Library Learning Commons includes an up to date collection of fiction as well as a limited collection of non-fiction books. Student I.D. number is required to check out books. Students may check out up to three library books for three weeks at a time. Students can access the library catalog on their RapidIdentity Portal by clicking on “Destiny.” They can search the library catalog and even check their own record for materials checked out or fines for lost materials. There are NO overdue fees charged, but students are expected to return materials on time.

For classes in which textbooks are required, students will check out textbooks to have at home during the school year for homework.

Any lost or damaged materials must be paid for before the student leaves the school at the end of the year. In the event lost materials are found within one year of paying for them, a refund will be issued.

Use of chromebooks in the library is covered under the technology agreement signed during pre-registration. Parents and students are reminded that the internet can be an unsafe place. Cyber-bullying will be treated as a zero tolerance offense. 

Book TALk


Gary Paulsen was born in 1939 in Minnesota. World War II was raging during his early childhood. His father was in the military, and after the war ended, Mr. Paulsen and his mother moved to the Philippines where his father was stationed. They crossed the ocean on a Naval vessel. During the journey to the Philippines a plane crashed into the ocean near where they were. The Navy rescued as many survivors as they could, but the passengers also watched many victims be attacked by the sharks that were following the boat.

When Mr. Paulsen was around age 12, his parents brought him back to the United States. They were both alcoholics, and Mr. Paulsen was on his own most of the time. He became very good at fending for himself, taking on jobs where he could but also hunting for his own food. Many of (the character) Brian’s survival skills in the book Hatchet are based on Mr. Paulsen’s personal experiences. Later in his life, Mr. Paulsen also raced in the Iditarod, a sled dog race. His survival skills in the wilderness came in handy - it took him just over 17 1/2 days to complete the 1,150 mile race. He placed 41st out of 54 finishers.

Even though he is a famous writer now, Mr. Paulsen almost flunked out of high school. When he was in 11th grade he discovered the public library. He had never read a book on his own before, but the librarian convinced him to try. It took him a month to finish the book, but then he came back for more and eventually was reading more and more. Mr. Paulsen has written more than 200 books and says he still has more books to write. If you’d like to read more about him, check out this interview, or his biography

“It’s a staggering thing to climb into a book and learn from it. Now... I tell kids to read like a wolf eats—just gobble books up.” - Gary Paulsen

Want to see what other authors have been highlighted in this column? Check out the full list by clicking the Book Talk link below!

what's on the calendar?

May 21 is National Talk Like Yoda Day

Short like Yoda you may not be, but talk like Yoda you can!